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Standing Bedroom Lighting 47.5 inches

Standing Bedroom Lighting 47.5 inches

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Ambient Lighting: Experience the perfect ambiance with this genuine mood lamp. It emits a soft, consistent light without any glare, thanks to its high-quality LED light strips.

Sleek Corner Design: Every room has corners, often left unused. Our elegantly designed, space-efficient floor lamp seamlessly fits into any corner, adding a touch of minimalism.

Remote-Controlled Dimming: With a spectrum of RGB colors at your fingertips, you can adjust both the color and brightness using the remote control. 

Sturdy Build: Standing at 120cm/47.5in with a leg length of 40cm/15in, this lamp features an acrylic shade. Its base is not only robust but also resistant to rust, ensuring stability and durability. It's designed to remain upright, even in less accommodating spaces.

Effortless Setup & Versatility: Installation is a breeze. This floor lamp is versatile, making it an ideal choice for offices, massage or spa rooms, bedrooms, or any space requiring illumination.

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