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LED Garland Curtain Lights

LED Garland Curtain Lights

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Emitting Color

Experience a dream-like glow!

Illuminate your weddings, Christmas celebrations, Ramadan festivals, and more with the magical sparkle of our crystal-clear curtain lights. With 8 adjustable modes, including a gentle twinkle and a slow fade, you can craft the perfect atmosphere for your event. Let the soft, inviting glow of these lights enchant your surroundings and make every moment unforgettable.


  • Control: USB Remote
  • Lamp Beads: 300
  • Size: 3Mx1m 100; LED3Mx2m200LED; 3Mx3m 300L
  • Waterproof


Immerse your surroundings in a dream-like glow with LED Garland Curtain Lights. Crafted for sophistication and enchantment, these lights offer 8 adjustable modes to create the perfect ambiance for your special occasions, making every event an unforgettable experience.


Elegance and ambiance with our LED Garland Curtain Lights. These sophisticated lights create a dreamy, enchanting atmosphere, perfect for weddings, festive celebrations, and more, elevating every moment into a cherished memory.


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